Strathblane Record of Applications for Parochial Relief 1888-1917


The applications for poor relief often survive as a separate series. Between 1845 and 1865 the information they contain is not much less than that in the registers of poor, but they are considerably less detailed than the general registers of poor introduced in 1865. For example, the application forms will not include the religious denomination, and probably there will be no details about dependants or other relatives. They will, however, contain far more entries per year than the registers, partly because of multiple applications from individual paupers, but also because they include the ‘casual poor’, that is, those relieved by the inspector without a decision by the board and therefore not on the poor roll.


Gazetteer of Scotland 1803 by F Ray

Containing a particular and concise description of the counties, parishes, islands, cities, etc. With an account of the political constitution. Illustrated with an elegant map. F. Ray for W. Chalmers, 1803....