Our Class Photos from the Old School


Here are some wonderful class photographs sent to us for the website, with the contributor’s comments below each. We won’t be posting full lists of the pupils with each each picture, but some comments identify the contributor’s family members in the older photos.

Do you have any different class photos from the old school you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you if you do, or if you can identify any of the unnamed teachers or confirm any of the dates. You can contact us here: Contact Us

You can find more class photos in our gallery here: School – Class Photos

 I can’t say 100% that it is the old school, but I am virtually certain that it is. It was rescued from my late aunt’s house when she passed away many years ago. As far as we know she did attend the old primary school, and it looks as though the background is the wall separating the two playgrounds. No information on it unfortunately, but my aunt was born in 1906, so I would estimate the picture to be from around 1916/17. We are fairly sure she is second from the left in the front row.

ian wright

My aunt Esther Harrison is second from the right in the front row of this photo from soon after the first world war. The family lived in the water board house next to the Edmonstone Hall. There was a tearoom across the road before the houses were built.

Elizabeth coleman

My uncle James Harrison is in this one from the same era.

elizabeth coleman

James Harrison is also in this later group c1925

elizabeth coleman

Here is James again with the senior class in 1927

elizabeth coleman

My mother is the fourth from left in the middle row and I think the slightly taller girl on my mother’s left is Diana Sharp, whose father Peter Sharp was mentioned as being the school crossing patroller. There is no date on the photo, but it is definitely the 30s.

Sarah beck
Strathblane School 1936 seniors with Mr Webster, headmaster

My mum, Elizabeth Melrose then, is in both these photos at Blanefield School. She was born in 1925. It could be that some of her siblings are there too as there were 9 of them.

Emily Brown

This one is believed to be Miss McAuslin with Primary 5 and 6, from around 1947/48. Unfortunately most were not dated at the time, so the dates are my sister’s best estimates!

ian wright

This one is marked as Miss Higgins with Primaries 1, 2 and 3. It was taken in 1949

ian wright

This one is marked as Primary 7 with Mr McAllister, around 1949.

ian wright

This one estimated as 1954, but not sure of which class! Again Mr McAllister, though.

ian wright

Again believed to be 1954/5 but no name for the teacher or which class unfortunately.
(Georgina Marshall has identified the teacher as Mrs Welch and the year as 1953)

ian wright

I started at the school in 1957. I was P1 in 1957.

elizabeth coleman

No class detail, but estimated as 1958/59.

ian wright

Estimated as 1959/60 but no class details.

ian wright

My class in 1961

elizabeth coleman

I think this was the year below me around 1963/64.

elizabeth coleman

This is my class in 1964. You might recognise Alison Drysden.



Our Memories of the Old School

In July 2023 we posted on the local Strathblanefield FACEBOOK group asking people to share their memories of the old school. Here are some of the responses: It’s so nice to create a bit of history about the old school. I was only there my first two years of school...

Growing up in Strathblane in the 1950s & 60s by Donald Macintyre

Early Days I was not born in the village but in Salisbury House, Campsie Glen. My dad was a native of Strathblane, being born in Milndavie House. My mum was born at Little Gala near Biggar but came to Ballagan Farm when her father took over the tenancy there in about...

Ladies Scottish Climbing Club

The Ladies Scottish Climbing Club was founded in 1908, by these three women, at a boulder near the Lix Toll in Perthshire. https://www.ladiesscottishclimbingclub.org/history/ At our vintage film night in January 2023 we showed a film made in 1958 to commemorate the...

This Is Our Parish 1957 -1958 by Harry & Helen Arnold

This Is Our Parish 1957 -1958 is based on footage taken by Harry and Helen Arnold during this period. It is three parts. The first is a comprehensive view of life in the Parish focussing on all aspects, from the road sweepers to the trades people and the doctor, the...

The Campsies and the Land of Lennox by Iain C Lees

Extracts from The Campsies and the Land of Lennox by Iain C Lees, describing walks around Strathblane. (Blackie & Sons, Glasgow, 1933) Secrets of the Campsie Fells The rich valley of the Blane, which can be traced to its junction with Strathendrick, is the finest...

Women of their Time: The Blane Valley in the 1930s by Helen Lillie

Extract from A New Kind of Life by Helen Lillie (Argyll Publishing, 1999) The older people living in the Blane Valley between the wars usually had unmarried daughters at home. And these middle class, middle-aged women spent their days taking care of their mothers'...

Strathblane Between the Wars by Helen Lillie

Extract from A New Kind of Life by Helen Lillie (Argyll Publishing, 1999) When they were first married, my parents lived on Cecil Street in the West End of Glasgow which I know my mother hated. I remember nothing of that period because as soon as she could, she...

Local Hero: Private James Norval Paul MM & Bar

On 2 May 1919 the people of Strathblane gathered to honour a local hero. They presented an inscribed gold watch to local gamekeeper James Norval Paul “in recognition of his gallantry”.  Around 115,000 non-commissioned men who fought in the First World War were...

Missing Men

For various reasons, a number of men from the parish fell in the First World War yet are not commemorated on the War Memorial. These men are also therefore only briefly mentioned in "A Village Remembers", a book about the men commemorated on Strathblane War Memorial...

A Village Remembers: Strathblane First World War Project

Families of some of the men on the memorial A Village Remembers (pdf)Download Contents Foreword by the Wright family Introduction by Anne Balfour (nee Johnstone) Jack Barr, inventor’s son Robert Blair, gardener James Cartwright, joiner William Cartwright, storeman...

Rambles Round Glasgow by Hugh MacDonald (1854)

Hugh MacDonald was a Scottish journalist, poet and author from Glasgow. He wrote for the newspaper the Glasgow Citizen for many years under the pen name 'Caleb'. He is best known for his book Rambles Round Glasgow, published in 1854 by Thomas Murray and Son....